As one of Everdale's brightest young minds, Max can often be found engineering one contraption or another.  Max never leaves home without his trusty bag of tools.

Favorite tool: Soldering iron

Percival dancing


Max's loyal dog is known for wandering off at night -- but where Percival goes is a mystery.                           

Favorite song: Polly Wolly Doodle

Elder Zeke

Elder Zeke

Surprisingly spry and energetic for his age, Elder Zeke is known to be the wisest -- and baldest -- man in Everdale.

Favorite herbal remedy: Peppermint tea


A fearless lover of adventure, Meredith enjoys nothing more than exploring the Everdale valley -- though it's been known to get her into a spot of trouble here and there.

Favorite adventuring spot: Gloomy Gulch

Ollie cave


Better known as the Ogre of Gloomy Gulch, could Ollie have something to do with Percival's disappearance?

Favorite food: Mushroom stew

Grandma Mimi


A firecracker of a grandma, known for her famous lip-smacking, tongue-tingling, belly-bellowing hickory barbecue sauce!            

Favorite spice: Cayenne pepper