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Cast of Characters


Cast of Characters



As one of Everdale's brightest young minds, Max can often be found engineering one contraption or another.  Max never leaves home without his trusty bag of tools.

Favorite tool: Soldering iron

Percival dancing


Max's loyal dog is known for wandering off at night -- but where Percival goes is a mystery.                           

Favorite song: Polly Wolly Doodle

Elder Zeke

Elder Zeke

Surprisingly spry and energetic for his age, Elder Zeke is known to be the wisest -- and baldest -- man in Everdale.

Favorite herbal remedy: Peppermint tea


A fearless lover of adventure, Meredith enjoys nothing more than exploring the Everdale valley -- though it's been known to get her into a spot of trouble here and there.

Favorite adventuring spot: Gloomy Gulch

Ollie cave


Better known as the Ogre of Gloomy Gulch, could Ollie have something to do with Percival's disappearance?

Favorite food: Mushroom stew

Grandma Mimi


A firecracker of a grandma, known for her famous lip-smacking, tongue-tingling, belly-bellowing hickory barbecue sauce!            

Favorite spice: Cayenne pepper



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The World of Everdale

The World of Everdale


The Town of Everdale

A deceptively quiet town nestled in a valley of rolling hills, Everdale invites residents and travelers alike to explore its many curiosities.

The Town Square

In the tradition of ancient Athens, the Everdalian town square bustles with public discourse and debate -- and even the occasional joke!

Everdale opera

The Opera

Come by the famous Everdale Opera for an evening of magnificently moving music -- complete with a free fireworks display before every performance!

the market

The Market

Want some fresh produce?  Or perhaps you're interested in the latest fashions?  Or maybe you need some new tools?  The Everdale town market has it all!

Gloomy Gulch

Wander past Pondering Pond and before long you'll find yourself in the boggy shadows of Gloomy Gulch.  Beware the ogre!                 

The Library

The Everdale Public Library offers ancient tomes of wisdom, cutting-edge books on science and engineering, and even some story books.

Notsolo point

Notsolo Point

As the highest place in Everdale, Notsolo Point is the favored spot for Everdalians to enjoy peaceful views and meditative moments.                  

Blue's restaurant

Blue's Restaurant

Looking for belly-grumblin' good food and the tightest tunes in town?  Old Mr. Blue's Restaurant is the only place to go!  (Reservations recommended.)